We’re here to help you if you or your parents or grandparents, or someone you care about, are retired and need some help.  Whoever is in need of some support, we can help with our
various services – a project manager for downsizing or decluttering, a teacher of digital devices, an advocate or an extra pair of admin eyes and ears – for you or your loved one.

We also signpost to trusted contacts in other related fields such as care, planning for the inevitable,
making and recording memories, home and trades.

If you would like to find out if we can help you, click on each of the sections below to answer the questions yourself.   
If you prefer to download the questions, see the button after all the sections. 

You can find out more about our services here and our events here


  1. Is your home in good repair (i.e there are no outstanding repairs or areas needing attention or modernisation)?   Yes / NO
    (Maybe you struggle financially to get repairs done or with knowing who to call)

  2. Do you use all the rooms in your home? Yes / NO

  3. Do you find stairs easy? Yes / NO

    Answering NO in this section means you might be ready to consider downsizing, or perhaps you just need one of our PAs to help organise repairs and paperwork for you.


  1. Can you find documents in your home when you need to?  Yes / NO

  2. Do you know when your household insurance expires?   Yes / NO

  3. Do you keep up with all the renewal dates for your car (if relevant)? Yes / NO

  4. Do you manage to pay and keep track of bills that need to be paid? Yes / NO

  5. Do you keep track of all your appointments? Yes / NO

  6. Can you find specific emails when you need to? Yes / NO

 If you answer NO to any of this section, one of our PAs could come and help you with your paperwork and emails.


  1. Do you feel comfortable with the cost of your utility bills? Yes / NO

  2. Do you check your bank account transactions regularly? Yes / NO

  3. Do you have money left at the end of the month? Yes / NO

If you answered with any NOs in this section it might be time to think about downsizing, which we can help you with.


1.       Do you use the internet? (banking / shopping / research / email)  Yes / NO
2.       Do you use zoom / video to communicate with family and friends? Yes  / NO

If you answered NO, you may benefit from one of our PAs coming to teach you how to use devices that may help you.

Health and care

  1. Do you go to the toilet twice or more in the night?  YES/ No

  2. Are you on regular medication? YES / No

  3. Do you struggle to keep up with cleaning and / or making meals? YES / No

Answering yes in this section may mean that you are eligible for attendance allowance.  We can help you get this benefit which is not means tested.

Click below to see what Malcom said about his experience with One Stop Organisers:

The latest edition of our Silver Pages - a 40 page essential list of resources for later in life (or whenever you need it) is now available.  If you would like a copy send us an email with your name and address to info@onestoporganisers.co.uk and we will post you a free copy.  

Maybe you’ve not moved for 40 years, or maybe you're not as mobile or as energetic as you once were. Or perhaps a member of your family has passed away and you need some support.

We offer several different services for seniors, from home project management, like downsizing and decluttering, to regular or ad hoc help with administration, repairs to the home and getting digital help.  We also run various events, from online information meetings about all things senior, to a twice-monthly online café and a monthly drop in Q&A session in a local church.    Additionally, we help and advise families when someone has passed away or a room needs repurposing for carers to move in. 

We work in collaboration with you, guiding you through what we are doing every step of the way. Whether it is a full house move, just a part of it, or even a stand-alone home organisation project, we can help.   These projects and tasks can be overwhelming, mentally, physically and emotionally.  We can help you with these, daunting tasks, as well as smaller things. 

We have even travelled from London to the Highlands of Scotland to help clients with a house move to Glasgow City Centre, making sure that they moved out of their property in a stress-free way and were able to move into their new flat with everything unpacked and organised for them.

Many people come directly to us, recommended by our existing clients, but we often receive referrals from financial advisers, removal firms, estate agents and lawyers who want to make their clients’ lives as easy and stress-free as possible.  

Working with older people and their families is our specialist subject, but we can also offer project support to anyone who is time poor or overwhelmed by a project.  We are happy to discuss any project, and if we cannot help we will suggest someone who can. 

We have been based in South West London since 2003, helping seniors and their families.


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