Remain Independent in Retirement

A free information and resources Zoom session for anyone retired or their adult children. 

Leading Seniors Advocates, Nicola Whate of Grey Matters Consultancy and Ashley Jordan of One Stop Organisers present an information session for anyone retired and/or their children, which covers:

  • Attendance Allowance – what it is and who is eligible (you may be surprised)

  • Who and what you need to know as you get older and want to remain independent

We run our Zoom sessions by request.  If you head up a church or community group, or any group where you want to help your elders or those adult children who have older people to support, then get in touch and we can arrange a Zoom or in person talk for you. 

If you are an individual then please register your interest at the bottom of the page, and we will make arrangements to run a session for you and other interested individuals. 

Nicola and Ashley work regularly with Seniors and their adult children and know from their many clients that there are so many useful things to know that people don’t know. For instance in our recent survey (please click here to find out more) only 11% of respondents were claiming attendance allowance, yet when we spoke to some of our respondents, several told us about a specific situation leading us to believe they would likely qualify for the benefit.   We also discovered on our follow up calls that many have irksome tasks at home that they don’t do because they don’t know where to go to sort things out, or find trustworthy advisers.  And in fact although most of respondents were connected digitally (that’s how they filled out the survey) they tended to stick only to the technology that they knew.  

We will tell you how and when to make benefit claims and also give you some advice on how to find the trusted contacts you need to stay independent. There will be time for questions at the end.  The seminar typically takes place on Zoom, but we are happy to give this talk to large groups of older people or adult children who would like information. 

“As an adult child with ageing parents, I know very little about the support available should we ever need it and quite honestly, I wouldn’t know where to find it. Which is why I immediately registered for the webinar on retirement resources that One Stop Organisers was hosting. I can’t rate it highly enough – the content was focused, relevant and valuable and it immediately filled some of my knowledge gaps. But the best part is that I now know where to go to find the help and support I previously didn’t know existed. Since the webinar, I’ve spoken with my parents and various family and friends to share the information I learnt and signpost them to further resources. I wouldn’t have been able to do this before so I can only say thank you to Ashley for helping to shine a light on things that I previously didn’t know about – I’m so pleased I attended and would encourage anyone sitting on the fence to just sign-up; you won’t regret it!” Annette Earl

Register your interest in the session below:

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I was fortunate enough to join Caroline and Ashley’s Zoom talk on Saturday. This one hour free workshop was packed full of excellent advice, ideal for those in retirement or their children. The hour was divided into two sections.  First Caroline talked about financial support from the State, particularly the Attendance Allowance, which is not means-tested but can help enormously in later years.

Ashley provided a wealth of ideas on how to achieve support, from daily tasks, to being accompanied on hospital visits and even shopping.  As well as running a “Helping Hands” service, she has contacts to help with technology, decluttering and downsizing.

As a person who lives alone with no family to help me, I am reassured to have Ashley and Caroline in “my corner”. With their assistance I feel I can go forward knowing that help is only a call away.

Don’t miss this free workshop when it is next available.  MB, Retired Director, 75


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