Our Helping Hands service enables those of retirement age to hire one of our team to help at home.  A home helper - an extra pair of hands for practical and administrative tasks (see examples below).

This is complementary to our regular project management service and many of our clients move seamlessly from a home downsize to having a home helper.  

We can provide this service to you at home or remotely, or a combination of the two.  We can help regularly or as a one-off.   We will send you the same person every session (sickness and holidays permitting). 

Our service is available to those over 65 and/or those with a registered disability.   We cover all of the SW postcode area as well as parts of West and Central London and some KT and SM postcodes.    We are growing fast so if you fall outside of these areas and would like to hire one of our team, please do get in touch and we will see what we can do.  

We welcome enquiries from adult children who would like help for their parents. After all, why spend all your time on the phone to utility companies or sorting out printer cartridges when you visit, when you could spend time walking in the park or having lunch instead?

We can help you with any of the following and much more:


  • Help get broadband in place

  • Set up online grocery shopping

  • iPad tutorial

  • Tablet tutorial 

  • Mobile phone tutorial

  • WhatsApp tutorial

  • Zoom tutorial

  • Facetime tutorial

  • Skype tutorial

  • Facebook / Instagram Tutorial

  • Purchase speakers / hardware for computer

  • Order and change printer cartridges

  • Swap / replace sim cards

  • Update software

  • Troubleshoot routers

  • Help with financial admin 

  • Introduction to IT professional if required

  • Arrange photo printing services

  • Set up digital home assistant

  • Purchase presents for friends and family


  • Change lightbulbs

  • Descale kettles

  • Arrange household repairs

  • Arrange quotes from tradespeople for planned work

  • Liaise with tradespeople

  • Be in attendance when work to the home is carried out

  • Purchase home accessories online

  • Collate information for large purchases

  • Manage utility companies

  • Switch utility providers

  • Read meters

  • Assistance to renew household insurance and subscriptions

  • Assistance to renew car insurance and ensure it is taxed and MOT'd

  • Make complaints on your behalf / advocate on your behalf

  • Organise adjustments to your home following hospital discharge

  • Find a cleaner

  • Find a dog walker

And if you can think it, we can probably assist!



  • Check bank statements and other bills are correct

  • Assist with phone calls that need to be made

  • Compose / write emails

  • Set up automated repeat prescription service

  • Fill in forms

  • Filing

  • Assistance with getting professionals to set up a Will

  • Assistance with getting professionals to set up Powers of Attorney

  • Assistance with getting attendance allowance

  • Purchase tickets for days out

  • Purchase tickets to the theatre

  • Organise holidays

  • Write and address Christmas cards

  • Book taxis or other transportation

  • Ensure funeral wishes are documented

  • Ensure a file is made of important documents for family / powers of attorney for when the inevitable happens.


  • Get groceries in for a discharge from hospital

  • Pharmacy

  • Corner shop

  • Batteries for watches

  • Dry cleaning

  • Bank

  • Post office

  • Cards and wrapping paper

In fact, the list is endless, and if it’s on your home to-do list, we will help you get it done. 

We welcome enquiries from you directly, as well as from adult children who would like help for their parents.   Just click here to send us a message or call us if you would like to find out more about our Helping Hands service.

Because everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.

*It is important to note that we are not cleaners, housekeepers, a taxi service or carers, but we can introduce you to companies that can help with these things.

“Clare at Helping Hands has been really helpful in sorting out my emails and daily communications as well as running errands when we need her to. We couldn’t do without her now! We enjoy her company and would be lost without her!” 
R Seymour, Kingston


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