What is Café Connections?

Café Connections was born on 23 April 2020 when Ashley realised that our lovely clients were missing out on all their usual in person social activities with no clue as to when these would start again.   It is an online meeting, every Thursday, at 10am, held on Zoom. 

The format of the meeting is relaxed but informative.  We each take it in turns to talk about how we've been getting on during the week and anything we've been up to.  We then hear from a different speaker each week, and we round off the meeting with a Q&A session which might be directed at One Stop Organisers to help solve a problem, or something for the group to discuss.  

Who is it for?

The group is aimed at anyone who is retired, no matter what their age, whether it be 50s, 60s or more! And don’t worry, we don’t check passports or birth certificates. It is for interested and interesting people who want to connect with like minded people who are building their own support community, both now, whilst meeting up is harder, and in the future when sometimes connecting from home is just easier.   

Many of our attendees also attend lots of other online clubs, but particularly like this one and are keen we keep it going.  So if you know others who may be interested, do please let them know about it. 

How can you get involved?

Just send an email to us at info@onestoporganisers.co.uk and we can send you the link to join us.  

What do you need to join us?

You will need a laptop or computer with a speaker, camera and microphone (either internal or plugged in by USB) or you can use a phone or tablet.  We recommend using a laptop or computer where possible as you can see more people on screen.  We can always do a test meeting with you if you want to find out if it works.   Click below to download instructions on accessing Zoom from a PC. 

Past speakers

Gill Perkins www.wandsworthoasis.org.uk
Phil Robinson www.paintthetowngreen.co.uk 
Jo and Vicki https://www.twonaturalladies.c...
Fiona Fleming www.fjfnotary.com
Dru Jaeger www.joinclubsoda.com
Shilpa Reddy www.shilpa-reddy.com 
Fiona Bell www.mydoterra.com/feebell 
Amy Shields www.insurancetailors.com 
Serena Bobowski www.bobowskimethod.com 
Zoe Clews  http://www.zoeclews-hypnotherapy.co.uk 
Louise McCance-Price https://www.putneyrotary.org.uk/
Charles Shiplee
Nicola Taylor  www.design-penguin.co.uk

If you would like to speak at one of our sessions, 

please get in touch via our contact us page. 

“Discovering something new each week makes these sessions such a joy.  Thank your again and especially for the warm and efficient way you bring everything and everyone together.”

Ann, West London

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