We have worked with a number of people who are at an older age or have an illness, who have found the process of moving home overwhelming.   In terms of the practicalities our service is no different in these situations and we have many case studies to call on to help bring the right expertise to you for your individual circumstance.  Whether or not you have retired from a full-time occupation, we know you have different needs and may require assistance at 60 or not need help at 80! There are many reasons why the decision to move home may be at the forefront of your mind: your house may be too big to look after; you may need to release equity; your husband, wife or partner may have passed away; it could be that you want to be nearer your grandchildren; there may be some medical or social care needs; or a whole host of other motivations. Whatever the circumstances, our moving home service will help you every step of the way. Whether you are heading to a different type of accommodation or just down-sizing to be near relatives, we understand and have worked with the obvious stress involved.

Having attended a course run by the Alzheimer’s Society entitled ‘Step Inside Dementia’, we understand that knowledge of this condition is ever evolving. However, we feel we now have some tools and tips to give us a little understanding and will keep working on our awareness of your needs.

We will meet with you for a free consultation to go through your questions, explain how we work and create a plan. If you have a family we are extremely happy for them to be on board with your decision to hire us, and look forward to meeting them when we come to see you. Of course it is not a problem if they cannot be there, but early contact with your older children is welcomed, to explain how we work and reassure them that we have your best interests at the forefront of everything we do.  If you'd prefer them not to be involved, that's fine too!  We also welcome initial enquiries from your grown-up children on your behalf if you prefer that route.

As well as everything we do on a normal house move, we can also offer help to find the right property. We have links with many estate agents who are experts and we will work with them to find the right place for you. If you want us to be present at viewings we can do that too.

Geographically we have no boundaries but how we work will differ slightly if we are having to travel further to assist. We can cover this on the telephone when arranging an appointment.

We look forward to working with you. Why take the strain of this stressful time all on your own?

Last year (at the age of 80 and 72) we sold our London house and simultaneously bought two small houses 150 miles apart - quite a logistical problem. Ashley organised and oversaw the moves, helped us divide our belongings and disposed of everything we no longer wanted. She dealt with all the agencies at both locations, set up all the accounts and sorted out all the hitches. She is prompt, punctual, good-tempered and tactful and she always completes anything she undertakes. Without Ashley's lists, spreadsheets, notes, emails, texts and phone calls - and her unswerving support and unfailing memory - we would have foundered in a welter of confusion. Over a year later she is still available to deal with ongoing problems and sudden crises as they arise. We now wonder how we would ever have coped without her.
Retired couple, Battersea

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