Reflecting on time with your loved ones

Did you notice anything different...

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day with your friends and family, or if you were alone, that you enjoyed the peace and quiet.  We know lots of people who prefer a quiet one, so if that’s you, we salute you!

Following up on our last post, did you notice anything different with your older loved ones over the festive period?  Now you’re back home perhaps you’ve had a chance to reflect on what you saw.   And it might be the time to give them a call and thank them for their hospitality but also to check in.   The conversation may be a difficult one and will be different in every case.  We suggest approaching it in stages, always starting on a positive note, perhaps about how independent they are, or something you noticed that was great. You could then move on to offering help or support in areas where you noticed they were struggling.  If you have specific concerns or believe they need support you can’t give, do get in touch so we can help you work out the people who can point you in the right direction.

But if you were sad or unhappy about being alone, get in touch with us to see if we can help you find a solution to this.

One Stop Organisers:  Here to help your older loved ones live their best lives.


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