Our de-cluttering and moving home services as well as our looking after your home services are available whatever your age, and we regularly help young professionals as well as families, in addition to retirees. 

We do have some specific services for you as you get older.  You can read more about our Café Connections and Helping Hands PA services by clicking on the pink links. 

We take great care of all of our clients but we know that there are specific requirements and difficulties as you get older.  Add into the mix the fact you might not have moved for 30, 40 or more years, why not have someone to help you?  Your family may welcome being able to spend quality time with you rather than helping with tasks and admin or giving advice.

And what if you don’t have family?  We will act as a family member. We can support you for one-off projects like the ones above, or help you with regular support. 

We also offer two other services, which have come about following requests from existing clients.

Welfare checks
If you are a fall risk, or have an illness we hope that you have a careline alarm and / or pendant.  If you would additionally like a welfare check, we can telephone you at a specified time of the day or week to check in with you, or we can visit you by request, and hold a key for your property.

Professional attorneys
For people who we have already got to know, we can be your professional attorneys.  This is usually for people who don’t have family that they can call on.  We get to know you and ask specific questions so we understand your wishes when the time comes.  We can then put you in touch with people who can ensure your Lasting Power of Attorney forms are filled in correctly.  We can also support family members who are your attorneys by carrying out some tasks on their behalf.

To discuss how any of the above services work, please do get in touch with us.  If you have family, we encourage them to get to know us so we can work with them to help you, unless you don’t want them to be involved!

Last year (at the age of 80 and 72) we sold our London house and simultaneously bought two small houses 150 miles apart - quite a logistical problem. Ashley organised and oversaw the moves, helped us divide our belongings and disposed of everything we no longer wanted. She dealt with all the agencies at both locations, set up all the accounts and sorted out all the hitches. She is prompt, punctual, good-tempered and tactful and she always completes anything she undertakes. Without Ashley's lists, spreadsheets, notes, emails, texts and phone calls - and her unswerving support and unfailing memory - we would have foundered in a welter of confusion. Over a year later she is still available to deal with ongoing problems and sudden crises as they arise. We now wonder how we would ever have coped without her.
Retired couple, Battersea

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