If we cannot help you because we are in lockdown, or you would like a lower cost service, we are now able to offer remote help to get you through all of the administration and tasks relating to your home move.   We provide:

  1. 8 guides / checklists for general planning, clutter-clearing, what to do on exchange, changes of address and how the move day process works. 
  2.  4  x 45 minute Zoom, Skype or telephone sessions to keep you on track (can include help with filling in property information forms as required by law and what they really mean).
  3. Advice on engaging all the professionals you will need to help with your move (estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers, removal companies, surveyors etc).

All of this for just £300.   

Additional support sessions are available at a per session rate, so if you would like a weekly catch-up to keep you on track, we can give you an option for that.

Additionally, we can help or actually carry out many of the tasks on your behalf at an hourly rate. 


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