Do you have a move to or from the UK looming on your horizon?

There are different challenges with such a move.  Our clients tend to move to another country under their own steam, rather than their current job taking them to new pastures.  Organising an overseas move on your own  means no corporate relocation agent to rely on.  Yet there are many aspects of assistance you may require.

Moving away from the UK?

In addition to our normal house move service we have vast experience in the following areas: 

  • Ending your tenancy if you are renting, representing you at check-out, closing off all your utilities and liaising fully with the landlord / agent.
  • Arranging to receive any mail you wish to still hold in the UK if your move is temporary and, if required, opening it for you and keeping you up to date with what’s happening.
  • If you own your property, we can visit on an agreed regular basis to check it over in order to comply with your insurance regulations.
  • Introducing you to a currency broker to cut down the cost of servicing UK commitments from a foreign bank account.
  • Sourcing and despatching to you items that you wish to buy regularly from the UK.
  • Keeping papers for you or accessing them on your behalf if they are in storage.

Moving to the UK?

If this is your first time in the UK you may need a helping hand.   We help with:

  • Finding somewhere for you to live through our network of agents and property finders.
  • Receiving and organising shipment of your furniture and effects and organising them in your new home.
  • Setting up energy suppliers and broadband.
  • Buying any new or extra furniture or equipment that you need.
  • Setting you up with a mobile sim card.
  • If this is your first experience of living in the UK, we can help orientate you with how services work in the UK and how to get around.

Ashley was a tremendous help to me when reorganising a study to return to a bedroom.  She works very efficiently and quickly with a lovely sense of humour.

I found de-cluttering with her a pleasurable experience and the result very satisfactory.  It was important to me, too, that my discarded items went to charity shops for recycling if possible and other items she took away with her.

I would certainly recommend Ashley for any reorganising tasks.

Retired professional, Sheen SW London


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