Everyone can benefit from streamlining their possessions; you don't have to be moving home to want to do this. The use of your home and office can change over time and you can find that what worked once no longer does. We can help you reclaim the space and make it a haven again.

We recognise that this can be a tiring process for you. It can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, so we try and do all of the physical part for you, where possible. After each session, unless we agree otherwise, we will take away items to be thrown away, recycled or donated to the charity shop.

We cannot choose what you will keep and what you won't. That is entirely up to you. We have a collaborative approach where we work with you to decide how your home will work best and what you need to keep and what you would like to keep. We will make alternative suggestions of ways to store and keep things to save space.

You may wonder why you need to clear clutter if you are upsizing? The more of your personal belongings you take with you, the more you will pay your removal company. So it makes sense to start afresh without things you don't need, don't look at, or have forgotten you even had! We certainly won't bully you, but we will ask questions to make sure that we get the best results.

We regularly work with people who are upsizing, down-sizing, moving abroad, have home offices, need to sort out a room before building works, after building works, and where their home's needs have changed due to a growing family, elderly parent moving in, or starting to work from home.


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