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Maximise Your Productivity: Get Tidy and Organised

Does your office seem a little untidy?  These steps from Richard at Tidy IT And Ashley at One Stop Organisers can help your productivity soar.  Let us know which one you’re going to start with.              

1. Functional IT – If it works you will spend less time on it and more time on productive, chargeable work

2.  If you have a lot of cables on your desk i.e laptop changer, phone charger, display cables etc then you’ll have no room for documents so ensure all your cables are managed 

3.  Tidy cables don’t just relate to your desk but also the floor; tidy cables make you look tidy but also make you safer – no trip hazards and no fire hazards

4.   Would you consider moving your monitors from the desk to double the workspace area? Using monitor arms has huge benefits

 5.  Make sure you have an IT general audit before you decide to stay, move or buy more

6.  Does your meeting room have wires hanging from the tv or wires that make the client think twice before sitting down and feeling relaxed

7.  A home for everything – every single thing that comes into your office should have a home.  If you have that then you will spend less time looking for things, and you will feel more productive as it will be tidier

8.  Have a ‘key / map’ to your cupboards – new people can find anything and put anything away

9.  Labelled boxes and drawers   - once everything has a home you won’t necessarily remember where it is, so label it for ease

10.  Cupboards not open shelves – hide that messy stuff away and you will be more productive and look more professional to your clients

11.  Magazine holders for loose papers – did you know that it’s easier to flick through papers that are standing up and you’re more likely to be reminded of the thing you need to do?

12.  Clear desk policy – if you come in in the morning to a clear desk you will feel brighter and better about your day and more productive

13.  Go ‘paperless’ – not always possible, but start with receipts for which there are lots of apps.  For taking notes you could use ‘remarkable’ as everything is uploaded to the cloud and never lost!

14.  Outsource – the more you outsource, the more you don’t have to do and the more productive you are.

15.  Don’t use paperclips – maybe it’s an urban myth, but in the Army, they don’t use paperclips because papers get stuck behind each other when you put piles of paper on top of each other.  It’s a great idea not to use paperclips even if you’re not in the army, as you don’t want things disappearing.  So, use Rapesco Supaclips instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQUYlzhZizs


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