Going on holiday as you get older

As you get older there is the sweet irony that you have more time to go on holiday but actually going might be becoming more and more difficult.  So here are some tips to get the best from your holiday:

  • Make sure you get insurance that covers any illnesses or conditions that you have had.  It doesn’t pay to scrimp on insurance.  As you get older there is more chance you might need it and you don’t want to find you’re stuck abroad without the ability to sort out any issues.

  • Make sure one company books the whole of your holiday.  That way it’s all covered if something goes wrong.

  • Ensure the company you use will be available to help with questions or conundrums whilst you are away and that you know how to communicate with them.  

  • You can take a travelling companion who is over 40 on a SAGA holiday, whether they’re family or not - they don’t have to be 50.

  • Pay for airport assistance (which your travel agent can arrange).

  • Ensure you take all your medication with you and prescriptions in case you are asked for proof of what you are carrying by customs in other countries.

  • Remember to stay hydrated (see our previous blog).

  • On longer car journeys, don’t be afraid to stop regularly to stretch your legs and use the facilities.

  • Enjoy yourself!

If you need an introduction to a reputable travel agent to guide you through this, get in touch with us.

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