Why might you want to move in later life?

We help many different types of people move home, not just older people.  Most of our older people are downsizing because they recognise their home is the wrong size or type for them and their lifestyle.    But we do get older people who move to a different area and they don’t always downsize when they do that.   Just because you are older doesn’t mean you have to downsize when you move.  You can take everything with you to another home the same size but in a different location, or one that is laid out in a different way.

So what are the reasons to move area later in life?

·       To see more of your children and grandchildren

·       To get help from your children and grandchildren

·       To be less isolated, if you are currently living somewhere with poor infrastructure

·       To access medical treatment that isn’t available where you live

·       To live somewhere you have always wanted to live (e.g by the sea)

·       To be close to other family members

·       To be nearer a specific friend or hobby

Whatever your reason for moving and whatever your age we can get you started on the journey!

One Stop Organisers:  Here to help your older loved ones live their best lives


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