Choosing a mobile phone

Do you need to choose a mobile for yourself as an older person or for an older loved one?  Here are our top tips:

  1. Is this the first time you’ve had a mobile phone?  If so, consider a phone with just a few apps so it is not overwhelming.  Doro https://www.doro.com/en-gb make phones specifically for seniors and we’ve helped a number of clients get these phones.

  2. Don’t like the idea of a Doro phone? Who is the person that will help you get to grips with a mobile?  Get a phone similar to theirs.  So if your son / daughter or grandchild has an iPhone, get one of those, or if they have a Samsung, get one of those.  They will much more likely be able to help you as they know what you’re asking about.

  3. Do you have a hearing aid that should be smartphone compatible?  Check with your audiologist if the phone you want will be compatible.

  4. Consider getting a second hand phone on a monthly sim contract to start with in case it isn’t used much.  You can always get a more fancy phone later on.

Once you have your new phone we can help you set it up and give you some regular lessons in how to use it.  We suggest getting to grips with one function at a time.  And remember, once you have one, carry it everywhere and make sure it’s always charged. No point in having one that is at home if you have a fall in the street!


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