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Is your admin out of control?  Do you have papers everywhere?  Do you miss appointments regularly or miss deadlines?  Here are some of our top tips to get back on track, whatever your age.

  1. Write it down.  If you use paper and pen, great, but have it in one place.  If you are embracing digital technology then here are some places to keep track of to do lists:

    a.      Evernote https://evernote.com/

    b.      Todoist https://app.todoist.com/app/

    c.      Notes app on your phone

  2. Put things straight in your diary when you get an invitation or an appointment letter.  And if you need to do a task at some point in the future, diarise a time to do it (you can do this instead of writing it on a to do list)

  3. Check your emails and WhatsApps at the end of the day to make sure you haven’t missed anything (we’re guilty of reading but not actioning immediately).

  4. Use your smart speaker to remind you of things and add items to your shopping list (or other lists you create).  You can review these online or through your smartphone app or get the speaker to talk to you!

We’re happy to discuss how to make these work for you practically.

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