Getting online to make your life easier - part 2

Following on from our first ten reasons to learn the internet last week, here are some more reasons to learn the internet, if you want to:

  • Search for recipes to use up food in your fridge or larder

  • Check the news and weather

  • Check your bank statements

  • If you’re still driving you can use it for directions (satnav)

  • Research for holidays or day trips

  • Participate in courses

  • Receive information (e.g. schedules and timetables)

  • Check spelling and grammar

  • Book theatre and concert tickets

  • Renew or get a passport (useful for ID as you get older even if you won’t be travelling abroad)

 The list is endless but we find these are the most popular.  There are many charities helping people go digital, and our PAs can also help with bespoke lessons.  We can set you up with a mobile and then you can learn an ‘app a week’, or go at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

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