Getting on line to make your life easier

More and more companies are making our lives ‘easier’ by delivering their services online.  But it’s only ‘easier’ if you grew up with computers or have used them for your job.  If you’re older and you don’t have a device then it’s very annoying and tricky.   But if you want to get going, then why not?  Here are some of the things you could use the internet for - and there will be more next week!

  •  Repeat prescriptions (but if you like to get out and see people at the pharmacy, stick to that!)

  • Online shopping (good if you are short- or long-term sick, but if you like seeing people, stick to that as above)

  • Audio and online books (but if your eyesight is good and you like to go to the library, stick to that or mix it up!)

  • Online magazines

  • Repeat radio shows and podcasts

  • Repeat TV shows

  • Connect with family and friends by video

  • Play bridge and other games with people in different countries

  • Remind you to take medication

  • Buy presents for family and friends

If you want to stay as you are but know that you would like someone to help you who is digitally connected, we can help you with things that you might not otherwise be able to do, such as apply for a passport or do online shopping for you.   Just get in touch to get help from one of our later life admin specialists.

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