Getting your home ready to downsize

So you’ve decided to downsize and you are putting your home on the market.  So, what should you do to get it ready?

  •  Take advice from the estate agent you are using, but note they will all have different opinions on this!

  • If your home is likely to need a lot of work by your buyer to modernise it, feel free to ignore most of the rest of this advice, as it won’t make much difference to the outcome.

  • Tidy the front garden and make sure any issues with the front of the house (peeling paint, dirty or cracked pathway, weeds, etc) are sorted.  You can add some vibrant pots of plants.

  • If you live in a flat, do what you can to keep the communal areas clean and tidy.

  • Create the feeling of space in the rooms by removing clutter into cupboards or taking it away from the home.

  • If you are tempted to remove furniture, only do this if you are re-purposing the room  for prospective buyers.  And it is always good to have a double bed in bedrooms where possible to show how the room can be used.

 If you need help with choosing an estate agent or de-cluttering either before you go on the market or before the move, we would love to help.

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