When should you downsize?

There is never a good time to downsize.  Many of our clients wish they’d done it much sooner, but acknowledge they probably thought they were invincible 10 years earlier.   So when you do it is up to you.  But the younger you are the more energy you’ll have to do it.  As specialists in downsizing parents and grandparents we can help and assist with small and large tasks, or project manage the whole thing. 

Things to consider are:

  • Finances - freeing up money to top up pension or pay for care

  • Energy bills and excess rooms  - don’t pay to heat a home that you don’t fully use  

  • Household maintenance including gardening – both financially and physically this can become a drain

  • Health needs – these might need to be paid for or a move might simply help accommodate a health problem

  • Being nearer family for support (both ways) and companionship

You can read more on our previous blog.  

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