The Empty Cupboard

Once upon a time, there was an empty cupboard.  In fact there were several empty cupboards.  They all lived together in a home, in a street, not far from where you are now.   Then one day, a family moved in.  And they filled all the cupboards.  And the cupboards got fat.   And over time, they got fatter as the family filled the cupboards with more things, until no more would fit in them.  The cupboards longed to have space, so they didn’t feel tight and constricted, but they were full-to-bursting.   Sometimes, the cupboards would get injured because they were so full of stuff and had to be mended.

Then, one day, a few cupboards got cleared out.  It was in a bedroom, and its occupant had moved out to their own flat.  But soon, it was filled again, as the dad had started a new hobby and he filled the cupboard with all his hobby stuff.  The cupboards became bursting again, and more cupboards were bought to house all the ‘stuff’ he ‘needed’.  Then the ‘stuff’ was on the floor, in front of the cupboards, wherever it could be.  It was out of control!  

You see, somehow, we are conditioned to fill our cupboards. 

But what if we could always have an empty cupboard?  How would that feel.  Would it feel satisfying, or freeing?  Or would you want to fill it up immediately?   It could be there so if you needed temporary extra space (for Christmas presents, or if you were collecting things for a school or church project, or to house items on their way to the charity shop) they wouldn’t be in a pile on the floor.  Or it could be there so you could just ‘gaze’ at it with an appreciative smile.  Would it make you feel good?

Why don’t you try it and see.  And whilst you’re at it, perhaps give those ‘full-to-bursting’ cupboards a good old clear out.


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