Do you ever walk into a house and think 'Wow! They have a lot of stuff'?

Or, do you find you have clients who need a lot of hand-holding?

At One Stop Organisers these are exactly the sort of people we deal with on a regular basis. We specialise in helping more mature people downsize, whether it's due to ill-health, bereavement, a need to release equity, or because they want to move to be nearer family. Circumstances of moves are often different, but the same common issues come up when you have lived in a house for 30, 40 or 50+ years, seen your children grow up and become adults and have their own children, celebrating all of that in the one home.

We also deal with clients with disabilities, younger clients with ill-health, and clients moving abroad under their own steam rather than a corporate relocation. In fact, we've helped many families who are just too busy to give their move much attention, and those who would rather have someone do it for them. And why not, because we enjoy it!

We work with you to help your client and answer their questions about the process whilst helping them with all of the practical and organisational parts of their move. We will help them stream-line their possessions, work out what they can take with them, sort out the admin and changes of address, be the main point of contact for removals and other professionals on their behalf, and help them understand the process and all the questions and confusions that can come up along the way.
We give peace of mind to our clients, emotionally and practically, whether they are older, short of time, or have a disability. We also help take away some of the headaches and questions that you may otherwise face from those who are not regular movers.

We recognise our clients may need help but they do not know help is out there, and so they are not looking for us. This is where we need your help.

So, for any client that you refer to us, we will give you 10% of our fee for helping them move. Most of our clients take our fixed price package which is £2,000. You can see here what that involves. If they want help with anything outside of this, or with additional clutter-clearing (which is in the majority of cases) then we will help them with that at an hourly rate.

At the end of the move, when we have finished working with them, we will send you a cheque for 10% of the total net value of our fee.

If you would like to meet for coffee, then give us a call and I can talk you through some of the clients we have helped. We have recently been involved in a move in Scotland, from the Highlands to Glasgow City Centre, so there is no limit to our geographical reach, it seems!

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