A large number of our clients move and carry out work at their new property almost immediately, either because it was planned at the time they put in the offer, or they have subsequently realised that they need to reconfigure or decorate.

Managing works can be a daunting prospect. Contractors can be tricky to manage. We know! Depending on the size of your project you may need a full service building company and an architect, or you may be okay with just using a decorating firm; it really depends on the scope of the work. You may also need to have other contractors such as carpet fitters, plumbers, electricians, etc, and you will need to choose fixtures and fittings and paint colours. It can sometimes feel overwhelming and all-consuming.

We can help by looking after and managing the project for you and / or recommending tradespeople to take care of aspects of the work. We can be involved in something small or something big, either in a small way or a big way; it doesn't matter. What matters is that the stress is given to us and taken away from you.

We have also been involved in projects to redecorate in between tenants and we also offer property management for empty homes and owner-occupied properties. This means that when your washing machine breaks down, or you have blocked drains, we can get someone to fix it and arrange for access.

One Stop Organisers have helped over the years with various tasks and projects. In 2009 they project-managed the total refurbishment and extension of our London home (£1.1m project) and subsequently assisted with our two-part overseas move. We know that every little detail is taken care of so we can relax and get on with things.
Shipping Director, Singapore

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